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This list is updated daily based on information provided by registrants in the Controlled Goods Program. Some registrants have asked not to be listed. If a company does not come up in the search result, you should contact the company directly for further verification.

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X-Act Technologies Ltd.
Expiry Date: 2024-05-16
Expiry Date: 2025-12-03
Xcalibur Aviation (Canada) Limited
Expiry Date: 2025-09-30
Xcalibur MPH (Canada) Ltd.
Expiry Date: 2024-11-06
Xerox Canada Ltd. / Xerox Canada Ltée
Expiry Date: 2028-03-07
Expiry Date: 2025-11-23
Xiphos Systems Inc./Systèmes Xiphos Inc.
Xiphos Systems Corporation/Corporation Xiphos Systèmes
Expiry Date: 2027-09-23
Xona Space Systems Canada, Inc
Expiry Date: 2025-10-22
XTeams Consulting Services Corp.
Expiry Date: 2025-08-27
Xtech Explosive Decontamination Inc.
Expiry Date: 2026-06-13
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